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07 Dec 202211:00 - 16:00
The WE Festival: BLUE Edition
From Friday, 10. May 2019 -  13:00
To Saturday, 18. May 2019 - 02:00


New era, new concept, new people!

As you may or may not already know, The WE Festival is a non-profit organisation focused on culture and sustainability, which aims to reconnect the free cultural spread with the local, underground and student community in Maastricht.

Since 2010 we have been organizing a yearly free festival where everyone can come together to co-create, spread knowledge, meet new people and enjoy the first summer vibes. This years edition revolves around the colour BLUE.

Retaining our focus on cooperation and sustainability, we and all our partners will be providing you with a whole week of “themed” days and joyful nights:

?Love Foundation: 10th/11th of May
*WATER* Ocean conservation and clean water accessibility.

?Radio Frappe & Malajunta: 12th of May
*BLUETOOTH* Technology and connectivity.

?️Treehouse: 13th of May
*MIND*. Mental health awareness and beneficial practices.

?Couscous Discous & Plata Morgana: 14th of May
*FLUIDITY*. Gender equality and sexuality.

?Trompe L'oiel: 15th of May
*SOCIAL JUSTICE* Confronting current social issues.

?The Void: 16th of May
*BLUE PILL* Drug use and awareness, and choices.

?Triple M: 17th of May
*AIR*. Air pollution and The Divine.

?Klimate Action Network: 18th of May
*CLIMATE JUSTICE.* What WE are all about.

?Daily vegetarian dinners to fill your bellies and keep going strong!

We look forward to joining you for some laughter and learning.
Find out more @ http://www.we-festival.org

The WE Team ?

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