Le Cirque du Platzak
The biggest and only alternative circusshow in town, performing every year in the Landbouwbelang!

About Le Cirque du Platzak


The combination of live music and circus performances have been the foundation of the collective for five years. The radiating free and family-like atmosphere of the performance completes the image.


Le Cirque du Platzak is an international collective of 12 members, both talented musicians and young circus artists that met each other in Tilburg (NL).


Le Cirque du Platzak has been working in the big hall of the Landbouwbelang since 2014, this location being one of the only affordable locations in the Netherlands that is big enough to house an entire circusshow.


Every year around April, Le Cirque du Platzak returns to Maastricht. For about a month we work and live together in the Landbouwbelang, giving them the time to practice, fine tune and adapt their show for their performance season.

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