The vegetarian/vegan biological community kitchen of Maastricht since 2000.

(Unfortunately the dinners have stopped since 2015 because a conflict about safety issues with the local municipality. For a very nice dinner you can join Maastricht Goes Vegan on the Tuesdays and The Foodbank on the Fridays)

Kometen every monday

What do you get

a lovely soup, main course and dessert served from 20:00 o'clock onwards. This all for a very reasonable price of € 5,00 per person.


can be made until saturday. If you want to come and have dinner but couldn't make a reservation, please come monday evening at 19:00 to see if there is still a spot available!

Were to be

the dinner area has been moved downstairs. The entrance is in the garden of the LBB, next to the dragon. Doors open at 19:00 o'clock.

Be on time

Please come before 20:00 o'clock if you made a reservation. At 20:00 o'clock sharp all available spots will be given to folks who showed up spontaneously. So when you reserved show up before 20:00!

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