LBB Expo Space
The biggest and most afordable expo space of Maastricht.

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Exhibition space

An allround proper art exposition space which has the perfect height for big 3D objects.

Circus & Theater

A great setting for a theatrical plays, and yearly used by Cirque du Platzak for there circus performances.

20 by 60 meters

When we said it's big we meant it. It's gigantic.


For only "minimum of €5,-" a day and if available it's all yours.

Organize your own event!

Diverse and talented artist have performed in our big hall. Are you one of those young artist looking for a space? Do not look any further but...

Past Expositions

LBB during KunstTour 2016

Exposition of various projects ( a.o. “Nude is beautifil” and “NEST”) and artists: Armand Wachelder, Bernadette Huijbers, Loes Brok, Marit Rijk, Arjen Zuidgeest, Solmode, Swampwood, Meta Weltens, Bert Janssen.

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