Concert Venue a open party space
Since 2002 we provide the city of Maastricht with countless concerts, live DJ sets, performances, visuals, drinks and more..

About the concert venue

Bigger isn't always better

For years Maastricht didn't really had a proper stage for the small alternative rock and pop scene until the LBB started having open stage nights. Now the LBB concert venue offers the perfect solution for bands or performances which would not fit in a big commercial concert venue like the MG

thousands of concerts & perfomances

Over the last 14 years there have been more then a thousand different shows by bands, singer song writers, DJ's, VJ's, weird acts, poems, karaoke, rappers and so much more. To get a bit of a idea please have a look at the Wall of Fame

By and for everybody!

The LBB is a open space that invites everybody to come a be free to enjoy life. We are non-commercial this to keep the prices low and make it affordable to everybody.

Completely run by volunteers

The LBB is completely run by volunteers so we invite you to come and enjoy or parties but we also ask you to help out. We are the LBB so you to!Join us in this great adventure of course as a visitor but maybe also as a organiser, technician, decorator, cleaning crew member or any other idea you have.

Upcoming events!

the next party or expo or dinner will be soon or take a while will whatever Doorgeefwinkel
24 Jul 202411:00 - 16:00

We needProfessionals Are youa sound technician, light technician, VJ, DJ or generally interested in helping out please contact us

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